Founding members

The organizations and associations working in the social welfare sector who signed the memorandum of Dolomiti Emergency Onlus.

  • Province of Belluno
  • U.L.S.S. n. 1 of Belluno
  • U.L.S.S. n. 2 of Feltre
  • the Italian Alpine Club – sections of Belluno (C.A.I.)
  • the Commitee between the Volunteer Associations of the Province of Belluno
  • the National Mountain Rescue and Speleology Corps (C.N.S.A.S. 2nd Zone Delegation of Belluno)
  • the Volunteer Ambulance Coordination of the Agordino-Zoldano territory
  • the Emergency Volunteer Ambulance Association of Alpago, (E.V.A.)
  • the Rescue and Social Aid Association of Comelico Superiore (S.E.A.S.).

Institutional partners

The organizations or associations working in the social welfare sector agreement with Dolomiti Emergency Onlus.

  • Vol.A (Volunteer Ambulance Association Onlus – S. Giustina Bellunese)
  • Val Belluna Emergency