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  • 1. If I am already a member or CAI, why should I also subscribe to Dolomiti Emergency?

    The insurance with Dolomiti Emergency covers the ceilings excess ( or ceilings surplus), it is a II risk insurance.

    Do not forget that a portion of the cost of the card is turned in favor of charities working in the area of health sector.

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  • 2. What will I receive, when I subscribe for the first time?

    As I join Dolomiti Emergency, the DE card with my ID will be delivered to my residence.

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  • 3. Are there any discounts on membership dues?

    Discounts on membership dues are reserved to those who are enrolled with the affiliated associations (see list in the faq 12).

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  • 4. Minor children can be also insured?

    Yes, minor children can be insured.

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  • 5. How much are membership dues?

    The cost of the policy for regular members is € 22.00; € 14.00 for affiliated members; € 10.00 for minors (under 18); for your dog is € 8.00.

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  • 6. Where is the policy effective?

    The policy is effective in Italy and throughout Europe. For non-resident in Italy the policy is valid only in Italy.

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  • 7. Am I insured only if I am in mountains area?

    No, I’m insured wherever I am (in Italy and Europe) and whatever I’m doing, including athletic activities and my usual work.

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  • 8. I am already a member, when I could renew the insurance?

    Even if the card expires on 31 of December, you could renew your insurance since the first of September.

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  • 9. Is there a deductible?

    Yes, deductible is 10%.

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  • 10. Which associations are affiliated with Dolomiti Emergency?

    The associations affiliated with Dolomiti Emergency are italians associations: Centro Formazione Territoriale Permanente, A3 A.S.D., AGESCI Veneto, ASD Teste di Marmo, ASD SC ALPAGO, Valbelluna emergenza, Volo Libero Alto Serva ADS, Vol.A. Volontari Ambulanza Santa Giustina, UOEI Treviso, ULSS1 dipendenti, U.I.S.P, S.E.A.S., Sci Club Valdobbiadene, Sci club Colfosco, Sci club S2H snowboard, Maestri di sci, I.U.T.A. associazione sportiva dilettantistica, Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali, E.V.A., Associazione Escursionisti Bresciani, PARA DELTA CLUB FELTRE, ADS Delta Club Dolada, C.T.P. Quero, Croce Verde Arabba e Livinallongo, Circolo Ospedaliero Ulss 1, Coordinamento Agordino e Zoldo, Comitato d'Intesa tra le Associazioni di Volontariato della Provincia di Belluno, Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico, Circolo Dipendenti Unicredit Banca, Club Alpino Italiano, Associazione nazionale pescatori, Associazione nazionale cacciatori, ASD Raccoon riders, ASD KM sport, ASD Fuorisella MTB school, Associazione Nazionale Alpini, Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport, ASD agonistica Sportmarket

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  • 11. When the membership expire?

    The insurance coverage will be operative from 24 hours of the date of the payment of the membership and will automatically expire with the contract (to 31/12 of the year for subscriptions made within the same year 31/08 and 31 / 12 of the following year for subscriptions made after the 01/09, with further extension in both cases to 15.1).

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  • 12. When does the insurance benefits start?

    Insurance starts its coverage from the midnight (00.01 a.m.) of the day after the payment of membership dues.

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  • 13. If there is a national health care system, why should I become a member of Dolomiti Emergency?

    For some years now the NHS ordered the payment of a ticket in case of intervention of SUEM (Health Service of Urgency and Emergency Medical) 118 emergency vehicles in case this is not due to a state of trauma or have occurred during the performance of activities deemed dangerous (eg: climbing ). Dolomiti Emergency covers the insured in case of intervention of emergency teams and/or vehicles of SUEM 118 service, including the helicopter’s participation.

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