About us

About us

DOLOMITI EMERGENCY ONLUS (become a non-profit organization on December 15, 2005) is a Voluntary Association that aims to support and improve the model of rescue and action in case of emergency that has been created over time and made functional to the mountain region.

The founding members are: the Province of Belluno, the U.L.S.S. n.1 of Belluno, the U.L.S.S. n.2 of Feltre, the Italian Alpine Club – sections of Belluno (C.A.I.), the Commitee between the Volunteer Associations of the Province of Belluno, the National Mountain Rescue and Speleology Corps (C.N.S.A.S. 2nd Zone Delegation of Belluno),  the Volunteer Ambulance Coordination of the Agordino-Zoldano territory, the Emergency Volunteer Ambulance Association of Alpago, (E.V.A.) and the Rescue and Social Aid Association of Comelico Superiore (S.E.A.S.).

The direct and immediate benefits of “Dolomiti Emergency Onlus” are, therefore, only in the territory to support the rescue activities in favor of the inhabitants of the mountain, mountaineers and hikers, skiers and those who attend for various reasons the mountain environment.

Part of the membership fee is intended to extend to the associated the benefits derived from the insurance coverage of the policy “ EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FOR RESCUE AND TRANSPORT” signed by “Dolomiti Emergency Onlus” with UNIPOL Insurance – Agency of Bolzano.

The benefits of the policy are valid and expanded throughout the Italian territory and in countries of the European geographical territory, as long as the intervention is provided by the operations center of the SUEM 118 or similar national and European relief facilities.

The insurance policy covers the costs of the search for missing people, rescue, recovery and transport by whatever means, including the use of the helicopter as well as in case of death, which are charged to the user when the same are not recognized by the national and regional Health Service.

Although every region has a different regulation, the policy of “Dolomiti Emergency Onlus” provides flexibility and elasticity, ensuring complete protection. In fact it will be refunded 90% of charges, including possible tickets up to a maximum of  € 15.000 per year, of which € 2.500 for medical expenses.

Direction and secretary

Laura Menegus

Camilla Fiori (vice presidente)
Luca De Carlo
Moris Martini
Giovanni Mezzomo
Monica Dandrea
Tiziano Bassani
Michela Canova
Gianluca Dal Borgo

Monica Colle
Susi Sommavilla